Site Acquisition Services

Site Acquisition is one of the most complicated and challenging phases in telecom deployment.
It demands knowledge of zoning, permitting regulations, regulatory, environmental, as well as an
understanding of telecommunication needs and project management combined with acute people skills!
Romin offers an end to end solution for delivering all of the site-related agreements and approvals for
infrastructure projects.
We handle and deliver all aspects of site acquisition services for Tower Sites, Rooftops, Micro Cell (Small
cell), Pico Cell and In-Building projects.
Our team of professionals have years of experience in all facets in of negotiation, administration, and
project management that is specific to the industry. From site acquisition, strategic planning, project
management and administration – we’ve got you covered.

Macro Sites (Towers & Rooftop)

Romin provides search area investigation and candidate submittal, site lease negotiation and execution, zoning representation, aviation approval, building permit submittals and Public Consultation (CPC).

When providing Acquisition Services for New Site builds, we:
• Locate primary/alternate site candidates within the specified search ring;
• Compile and submit comprehensive site candidate information;
• Negotiate and secure lease rights;
• Initiate title searches;
• Research zoning restrictions;
• Acquire necessary easements and access rights;
• Facilitate site and geotechnical surveys;
• Prepare and file all necessary applications;
• Coordinate and deliver all documents necessary to satisfy jurisdictional requirements;
• Maintain contact with local officials;
• Assemble expert testimony as needed;
• Attend and present at municipal and provincial meetings/hearings;
• Prepare and submit aviation (NAV/TC) requests for approval;
• Apply for and deliver building permit;
• Prepare and conduct Public Consultations (CPC).

Small Cell and Remote Sector Sites

Our team is experienced in in Small Cell and Remote Sector deployment to aid its customers increase network capacity in targeted areas.
Our expertise allows us to identify buildings or potential infrastructure suitable to meet our customer’s needs and negotiate favorable business terms to secure the chosen location.

In-Building & Pico Cell Sites

If our customers require improving indoor coverage and network capacity, be it private or public buildings, our team of experts can target and negotiate the terms of agreement as well as follow the project through to completion while obtaining all necessary plan approvals.

Wind & Solar

Canada’s vast land allows the country to have the richness of both wind and solar resources used to produce energy.
Romin can assist with:
• Site selection;
• Coordination for site acquisition due diligence;
• Negotiations with land owners;
• Coordinate Regulatory compliance & permitting;
• Coordinate prefeasibility studies;
• Attend and present at municipal and provincial meetings/hearings;
• Prepare and submit aviation (NAV/TC) requests for approval;
• Apply for and deliver building permit;
• Prepare and conduct Public Consultations.

Site Canvassing & Identification

From the moment we receive a mandate, our team begins its research within the targeted area to identify the best location within the search ring for the placement of their utility facilities.  Our expertise allows us to identify viable sites quickly and efficiently within the search ring provided.

We know the industry, processes and culture and have a proven ability to deliver solutions that meet the needs, budget and timelines of our customers.

When providing Site Selection and Acquisition services, Romin provides search area investigation and candidate submittal through a customer supplied or in-house Site Acquisition Information Package.

Municipal Relations

We know how difficult it may sometimes be to gain the necessary municipal support for a project; however we are knowledgeable of the process as well as the rules and regulations governing the Telecommunications industry in Canada and understand the immediate and potential concerns of your various stakeholders as well as to present your position effectively.

Our Municipal Relations experts will meet with city officials when required to present the project at hand and discuss the needs and objectives of the client.

The objective is:
• To work in collaboration for the review and identification of potential sites for the siting of the utility;
• Gain approval for the project and obtain municipal resolution;
• Submit and obtain all necessary permits and documentation required for approval.

Lease Agreement Negotiation

We will negotiation the leases, licenses, third party agreements, access rights, rights of way, easement agreements, crossings, statutory rights of way and any other agreements required to enable development of your site.

Our wireless’s leasing team can expertly:

• Negotiate favorable business terms and secure a primary lease
• Obtain secondary leases and any necessary easements
• Coordinate feasibility and design visits
• Prepare lease renewals and modifications
• Obtain approval of all lease exhibits and construction drawings
• Draft lease amendments for network upgrades

Provide lease submittal checklists containing all necessary documentation for client legal and business approval

Public Consultation

Our team has the knowledge of the regulations governing the Telecommunications industry in Canada as well as being well versed in the process from search ring to public consultation.

We can assist you with:
• complete consultation process and notifications (CPC)
• coordinating with relevant experts
• follow-up with special interest and potentially affected groups, as well as governing bodies
• planning and/or attending public meetings

Permits and Compliance

Submission and follow-up of all necessary approvals and compliance obligations required to allow for the siting of the tower, such as;

• Aeronautical assessment;
• Agricultural;
• Environmental, etc.

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